Airedale Terrier Rolling Pin

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Do you love the Airedale Terrier? Now you can make your own baking with these lovely dog rolling pins.

Made of high quality beech wood, these rolling pins are the perfect gift for someone close or just for baking. For any occasion!

The dimensions of the pins are 43 cm long with the handles and 6cm in diameter.

We laser-engrave them with a very high precision, and oil them with a safe for food oil. It is beautifully packed with care to every detail.

The dough can be made of salt-sugar or ceramic mass. Use your imagination, and you will also find some tips on how to use the rolling pin properly. Make sure to try our recipes included in your boxed purchase for delicious cookies.

And finally when you get the rolling pin inside the package you’ll find some tips on how to use a rolling pin properly and our RECIPE for delicious cookies :)